The Keepsie™ is produced in Erie, PA. The design is printed in Broward, FL.

FDA & EU food safe
No questionable chemicals
No chemical additives

To increase air flow and safe drying

Remains closed when tossed in purses, bags and on the floor and ground

About us

Because we’re parents who wish our little girl’s WubbaNub™ pacifier had a cover to have kept it safe and clean when it wasn’t in use.
Because we want your child’s pacifier to be kept as safe and clean as possible…

We want it safe and clean from dust, pollen, germs, airborne elements, animals, insects and more when it’s not in use.

  • To support the health, well being and happiness of infants and toddlers.
  • To support parents and guardian’s peace of mind in knowing their child’s pacifier has been kept safe and clean.

Our News

The Keepsie™ has been a journey for everyone involved.

Average times a day a pacifier drops on the ground

Average minutes a day the unused pacifier is exposed to and collects what's in the air

Average number of crumbs, lint, hair and dirt particles in a diaper bag

Average number of animals or insects that commonly land on, lick or come in contact with an uncovered pacifier a week

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  • Ashley Ellertson, CO

    Super convenient and easy to use. I no longer worry about the crumbs, lint, etc. that were always getting on the WubbaNub®. It’s eliminated the need for paci wipes so it’s a money saver too.

  • Alyssa Milano Butterfield, FL

    It keeps the paci clean and free of germs. I can toss it in my bag and not need to worry about pulling it out all dirty

  • Crystal Schweiger, FL

    Keeps it clean and makes it easier to find in the diaper bag

  • Amanda Brooke Ajmo-Dady, FL

    I love the fact that it covers the paci and no more germs while trying to store it.